By Lana Vawser
I have said many times especially when I am teaching on hearing the voice of God, that I 'pay attention to repetition'. That has been one of the keys the Lord has given me in recognising the language of the Spirit and how He speaks in my life.
So over the last few weeks, but especially in intensity in the last week, I keep seeing the word "ADVENTURE" or slogans about "ADVENTURES BEGINNING" and the Lord spoke to me and showed me a door that is before many in the spirit right now and written on the door are the words "THE NEW ADVENTURE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN....."
We are in a season of transition, crossing over, we are moving into new things, unlike any other time we have experienced. What God is doing is SO glorious.
All throughout this season, I have had this stirring excitement in my spirit that the Lord is doing so much behind the scenes that we don't even realise or recognise.
He is planning things FAR GREATER than we could imagine or even asked for. He has been planning things so much bigger than we have dreamed, and I keep saying it, and I will say it again.. the enemy is attempting to put dread on God's people that the 'new thing' or the 'change' may be bad or not good, but the EXACT opposite is true.
Surrounding this new door of adventure I saw angels and they were discussing the goodness of God and they were exclaiming to one another 'Do they (God's people) realise the magnificent things that He is preparing for them? Wow!' and then they would decree 2 Corinthians 2:9:
"This is why the Scriptures say: Things never discovered or heard before, things beyond our ability to imagine - these are the many things God has in store for all His lovers."
Friends, there is a decree being released in the spirit right now "A NEW ADVENTURE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN...."
What God has been ORCHESTRATING is about to SUDDENLY MANIFEST in MOMENTUM. You will SEE, you will HEAR, you will STEP IN to what God has been doing. The things He has been showing you, and the things He hasn't been revealing yet, but as you STEP IN, this NEW ADVENTURE is going to be more amazing than you have ever experienced.
I heard the Lord say:
"Night is suddenly turning to day. Those below are suddenly being lifted above. Despair days are suddenly turning in destiny days. Don't try and make anything happen. It will SUPERNATURALLY occur, the phone will ring, the door will open, the connection will be established, the offer will come, the email will arrive, the letter will be delivered, I am setting this up, I am setting this up SUDDENLY and OUT OF THE BLUE!!!!"
There is shifting of the gears taking place right now in the spirit. There's a shifting of assignments, there's a shifting of mandates. There is a shifting of positioning. There is a shifting and changing of the guards taking place. There are promotions taking place. There are strategic positionings taking place. There are rearrangements taking place. There are redirections taking place. There are reroutings taking place. There are greater levels of increase taking place.
I heard Him speak again:
"The new adventure is UPON YOU! You are going to go where you have never been. You are going TO DO what you have never done. You are going to MOVE in a way you have never moved. You are going to LOVE the way that I FLOW IN and THROUGH you in this season."
"THE TAILORMADE CHANGE is upon you!!!!!!!!!!!"