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Warning Will Cause Pain, For Those In Sin

Meteor Impact! Huge Fireball Strikes Australia Followed By Earthquake

Sancte Michaël Archangele, defende nos in proelio; contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.

Messa antica in Vaticano per S. Michele Arcangelo, patrono della Chiesa Universale

Peccato per l'ora, ma è un'ottima iniziativa e ringraziamo gli organizzatori per l'impegno e la comunicazione. 
E' molto significativo che la S. Messa in rito antico nella festa dell'invitto Protettore della Chiesa Universale, principe delle Milizie Celesti, sia celebrata nella Basilica Vaticana, cuore e centro della Cattolicità e di tutto l'Orbe Cattolico. 
giovedì 29 settembre 2016 alle ore 7,15
nella festa di San Michele Arcangelo
all'altare di San Michele della BASILICA DI SAN PIETRO IN VATICANO
sara celebrata la Santa Messa Solenne.
 "Sancte Michaël Archangele,
defende nos in proelio;
contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.
Imperet illi Deus,
supplices deprecamur: tuque,
Princeps militiae caelestis,
Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,
qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo,
divina virtute in infernum detrude."



by Lana
By Lana Vawser
"Reach down from your heavens and rescue me from this hell, and deliver me from these dark powers. My God, I will sing you a brand-new song when you give me the victory! The harp inside my heart will make music to you! I will sing of you, the One who gives victory to kings - the One who rescues David, your loving servant from the fatal sword." ~ Psalm 144:7, 9, 10 (The Passion Translation)
"Deliver us! Then our homes will be happy. Our sons will grow up strong, sturdy men and our daughters with graceful beauty, royally fashioned for a palace. Our barns will be filled to the brim, overflowing with the fruits of our harvest. Our fields will be full of sheep and cattle, too many to count, and our livestock will not miscarry their young. Our enemies will not invade our land and there'll be no breach in our walls. What bliss we experience when these blessings fall! The people who love and serve our God will be happy indeed!" ~ Psalm 144:12-15 (The Passion Translation)
I have been hearing over and over in my spirit "Rise up and defend your walls again, as I roar deliverance over you, blessing upon blessing is going to fall."
As I pondered this word with the Lord, I saw many "hiding" behind their walls. They had come to a place of no longer standing and guarding and defending their walls with prayer and declaration but just trying to "run and find cover". I saw debris flying everywhere from the walls that were being bombarded and broken by the enemy. Many had their hands covering their heads to shield themselves from the rocks that were flying everywhere and they were screaming "JESUS!!! Deliver us!"
I then heard the Lord calling out to His people INDIVIDUALLY BY NAME. He would call them by name and call them back to the wall but in order to do that, they had to "stand up" in the midst of the onslaught to get back onto their walls. Such fear gripped them, "if I stand and come out of hiding, I will be slaughtered." But the safest place for these ones was not hiding under their hands, and in "action" running in the opposite direction from the enemy, but actually taking a stand, like David stood before Goliath. The safest place was standing where the Lord was calling them to stand, and even though it didn't make sense that the Lord was asking them to stand up when they had been so battered, and the onslaught so hard, it WAS the place of deliverance.
There was a great 'struggle' happening in the hearts and souls of these ones as fear gripped. But those that chose to stand and trust in the Lord and His strategy experienced a GREAT DELIVERANCE of God. As they STOOD UP while debris and huge rocks flew everywhere, such horrific onslaught, HE ROARED!!!! As He ROARED I saw a HUGE Glory bubble surround these ones. Rocks were coming at them in every direction and BOUNCING OFF the BUBBLE of His Glory surrounding them. As He ROARED I could hear in His ROAR "COME FORWARD AND BACK ON THE WALL".
As they began to move towards the wall again, with each step they were strengthened and healed, restored and delivered. By the time they reached the walls, they were so strong in heart and soul again, such deep refreshment, they began to DEFEND their walls with an awakening to their authority in Jesus they had not had before.
As He roared and they defended their walls again with the promises of Scripture and prophetic words over their lives and prayer, it began to RAIN! It was raining BLESSINGS!!!! There was such an ABUNDANCE of BLESSING and INCREASE into every area of their live. PROMOTION was being released into EVERY AREA of their lives. Family, homes, finances, health, discernment. NOTHING was left untouched by the blessing, resurrection life and promotion of God.
Where there had been such deep despair and mourning the Lord was releasing BLISS!!!!! JOY!!!!! JOY on the walls!!!! No longer would they stand before their walls or in hiding WEEPING at the PLUNDERING of the enemy of their walls, but they would LAUGH and REJOICE at the BLESSING, RESTORATION, INCREASE and PROMOTION and SECURING of their walls.
They all stood together and began to sing "Our enemies will not invade our land, and there'll be no breach in our walls" (Psalm 144:14)
The enemy began to flee in seven directions!!!!! He was retreating!
"The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven." ~ Deuteronomy 28:7 (flee before thee seven ways; be entirely routed, and flee some one way, and some another, even every way they could take to make their escape. The phrase is expressive of AN ENTIRE VICTORY and of a COMPLETE ROUT and dispersion of an enemy. ~ Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible)
As He ROARED, I heard "NO MORE! NO MORE! NO MORE!" This onslaught has been STOPPED and the ENEMY DEFEATED and now you shall ENJOY the OVERFLOWING FRUITS OF HARVEST!!!! Death, delay and a miscarriage of the promises of God will no longer be in your land as you continue to RISE UP and DEFEND your walls, standing with HIM as HE ROARS this deliverance over you! Where a spirit of death and foxes have continued to come in and destroy, your land shall now be filled with LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10)
This is a crucial moment! NO MATTER what your eyes see, continue to move forward in OBEDIENCE to His voice and leading!

Two Comets will collide


Two comets will collide, My cross will appear in a red sky

My dearly beloved daughter, the time is near. The Warning is close now. It is with great sorrow that I must tell you that many souls will not heed these Messages about The Warning. My Word falls on deaf ears. Why won’t they listen? I Am not only giving them My great Gift of Mercy, when I will shower My graces over the whole world, I Am also trying to prepare them for this event. Many millions of sinners will rejoice when they are shown My great Mercy. Others won’t get a chance to redeem themselves in time, because they will die of shock.
My daughter, you must do everything you can to warn the world, because this Great Event will shock everyone. They will see great signs in the skies, before The Warning takes place. Stars will clash with such impact that man will confuse the spectacle they see in the sky as being catastrophic. As these comets infuse, a great red sky will result and the Sign of My Cross will be seen all over the world, by everyone. Many will be frightened. But I say rejoice, for you will see, for the first time in your lives, a truly Divine Sign that represents great news for sinners everywhere.
See My Cross then and you will know that My great Mercy is being given to each of you, My precious children. For it was with the deep abiding Love that I held for you that I died, willingly, on the Cross, to save you. When you see the Crosses in the sky during The Warning you will know that this is a Sign of My Love for you.
Pray, My beloved followers, that your brothers and sisters can rejoice when they too, are shown the proof of My Existence. Pray that they will accept that this is their chance to redeem themselves in My Eyes. That this great Act of Mercy will save their souls if they will allow Me to help them.
You will be shown what it is like to die in mortal sin
The Warning will be a purifying experience for all of you. It may be unpleasant in part, especially for those in grave sin. Because for the first time ever, you will be shown what it feels like when the Light of God disappears from your life. Your souls will feel the abandonment felt by those who die in mortal sin, these poor souls who left it too late to ask God to forgive them their sins. Remember, it is important that I allow all of you to feel this emptiness of soul. For only then will you finally understand that without the Light of God in your souls you cease to feel. Your soul and body would be just empty vessels. Even sinners feel the Light of God because He is present in every one of His children on Earth. But when you die in mortal sin, this Light no longer exists.
Prepare now, for this Great Event. Save your souls while you can. For it will only be when the Light of God leaves you that you will finally realise the empty, barren darkness that Satan offers, which is full of anguish and terror.
Replenish your souls. Rejoice now, for The Warning will save you and bring you closer to My Sacred Heart.
Welcome The Warning. For then you will be given the proof of eternal life and know how important it is.
Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ
King of Mankind.
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Почему Я позволяю страдать? Это из-за греха.

Бог Отец: Страдание в мире было, в это время, объединено со страданием Моего Сына, Иисуса.
Среда, 23-его мая 2012 15:38
Моя самая дорогая дочь, расскажи всем Моим детям о любви и защите, которую Я предлагаю тем, кто обращается ко Мне. Наконец, Моё Святое Слово на земле слушается и многие души готовы сделать большой прыжок веры, чтобы радостно принять Божественное Милосердие Моего Сына, Иисуса Христа. Они не знают, что войти в Новый Рай, Новую Эру Мира, всего лишь простая вещь. Смотрите и признайте, что вы, в первую очередь, Мой ребенок. Признайте, что Я сотворил каждого из вас, не один из вас не является случайностью и что вы - Мои дети. Моя Семья. Мои Любимые. Нежность в Моём Сердце полна любви к каждому из вас. Многие думают что, потому что Я - Альфа и Омега, начало и конец, что Моя Власть делает Меня гордым. Этого, конечно же, никогда не может быть. Как может настоящая любовь родителя к ребенку быть омрачено гордостью? Я страдаю за каждого из вас. Я оплакиваю потерянных Мною. Я буду использовать любую власть, чтобы возвратить Моих потерянных детей в Мою Семью, Мое Царство. Представьте себе родителя, который отклоняется своим ребенком. Боль, которую Я испытываю, не за Себя, их Отца, а за них и за мучения, которые они перенесут, если Я не смогу спасти их. Страдание в мире было, в это время, объединено со страданием Моего Сына, Иисуса. Почему Я делаю это? Почему Я позволяю страдать? Это из-за греха. Грешники, которые не придут ко Мне добровольно, могут быть спасены только через страдание других. Те, кто страдают в этой жизни, будут вознаграждены Моими Подарками в следующей жизни. Помощь, предлагаемая добровольно теми детьми, которые любят Меня, является мощным оружием против власти, предоставленной сатане. Те, кто борются рядом с Моим Сыном, чтобы спасти души других, могут спасти всё человечество. У сатаны есть власть, но только данная ему власть, которая не может быть забрана до Судного дня. Многие из вас, дорогие дети, не понимают Божественные Законы, которые разрешают эти вещи. Но доверяйте Мне, когда Я показываю это вам. Сатана крадёт души тех Моих детей, кто не верит в Меня или в доброту, которую Я предлагаю Своим детям. Он становится бессильным, когда грешники приносят жертвы через страдания, чтобы спасти их братьев и сестер от ада. Он бессилен, когда Мои дети молятся за этих грешников, чтобы быть спасенными. Молитва - оружие Моих детей, которые хотят помочь Мне спасти все человечество. Соберитесь, Мои дети, с Моим Сыном и помогите Мне наконец объединить Мою семью. Помогите Мне привести вас всех в новую замечательную Эру Мира. Только тогда может свершиться Моя Воля на Земле, как и на Небе. Идите дети. Объединяйтесь в молитве. Работайте со Мной, Вашим Отцом, чтобы помочь спасти Мою семью.
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